How big can my image be printed?

This is probably our most commonly asked question. There is no direct answer as each image must be considered on a case by case basis and factors such as ISO settings, lighting conditions and focus can make big differences. We’ve set our minimum resolution for upload fairly low to leave more options available but rest [...]

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What Is a Gicleé (and how do I say it)?

Giclée (pronounced Zhee-Clay, or jee-clay) is derived from the French word “gicler” which basically means “to spray,” and has become popular to describe digital fine art printing. The process allows us to print on a wide variety of substrates including cotton watercolor paper, canvas, photographic papers, etc. The term can be used interchangeably with “Inkjet [...]

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So are all giclee prints equal?

Not really. The downside of using “giclee” as a catch-all phrase is that it is so broad. Prints sold as giclees can also be made on signage and billboard equipment using solvent or latex based inks, which while great for those purposes are not meant to last or capture the subtler details of fine art [...]

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What paper should I choose?

We have a wide variety of papers and materials to print on in our Online Print Studio! There is a description of each one that you can hover over for further info but if you are unfamiliar with the differences you can also see more detailed descriptions on the Products page or please don’t hesitate [...]

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Why should I choose you?

Experience, and collaboration. We maintain a state of the art print studio and work in a completely color calibrated and managed environment that ensures verifiable and repeatable results. But more important than any equipment we have is the knowledge and care we bring. We’re artists ourselves, we love working with creative people, and we maintain [...]

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What size file should I upload?

You can upload files up to 100mb in the Online Print Studio, it’s best to always upload the largest original version you have available. If you are exceeding the 100mb size limit re-save the file as a hi-resolution jpeg to get below the size limit (ie a compression level of 8 or higher, or “high [...]

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Some notes on resolution.

This is a topic that often brings a lot of confusion. The real data of a file is in the actual pixel dimensions (e.g. 3861×2864), which are the numbers used to calculate megapixel size. For example 3861×2864 = 11,057,904, which is considered 11 megapixels. DPI or PPI (dots or pixels per inch) are simply references to [...]

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