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Transform any image into a work of art. Photos and artwork directly printed onto real artist canvas. Comes ready to hang!

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At Tribeca Printworks, you have various canvas options to choose from for giclee printing.

Stretched Lyve Canvas Giclee

Stretched Silverada Canvas Giclee

Stretched Canvas with Mirrored Edges

Canvas in White Floater Frame

Canvas in Black Floater Frame

Stretched Lyve™ Canvas Giclee

Stretched Lyve canvas giclee is ideal for bringing digital artwork and photographs to life. This makes it perfect for everything from nature shots involving moving water to action shots.

Stretched Silverada Canvas Giclee

Stretched Silverada canvas giclee, a semi-gloss finish canvas, helps enhance both colors and detail, delivering an eye-popping effect.

Stretched Canvas With Mirrored Edges

As its name suggests, a stretched canvas with mirrored edges features mirror borders which wrap around the edges of an image. Because this canvas reflects the image on the front edge, it creates a flowing effect ideal for landscapes, still life photography and artistic shots.

Canvas in White Floater Frame

With a canvas in a white floater frame, you can easily create a sleek, minimalist look. All of our float frames are made with a stretched canvas, which is then wrapped with the float frame. The result is dimensional artwork or paintings that look like they are floating.

Canvas in Black Floater Frame

Like the white version, our canvas in a black floater frame is made by wrapping a floater frame around a stretched canvas. The only difference is that this option offers a matte black frame, perfect for creating a traditional and timeless feel in your space.

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For over 40 years, the team at Tribeca Printworks has been offering high-quality print services at competitive prices. Our team will work closely with you to help you choose a custom canvas giclee printing solution that will meet your needs. With our one-stop shop experience, we’ll handle all your canvas giclee art needs — either online or in person.

To get started, we can provide you with a free quote and consultation so we can learn more about your budget and canvas giclee printing needs. Because we stand behind every canvas print we produce, you can feel confident that we’ll do what it takes to ensure you are completely satisfied.

Frequently Asked Canvas Printing Questions:

What is a Giclee on Canvas?

Canvas giclee printing, often referred to as pigmented inkjet prints, archival pigment prints or inkjet prints, is derived from a term that means “to spray.” This method used to be achieved by spraying onto the surface of a paper. However, over time the process has developed and changed.

Today, canvas giclee is the process of printing your photos and artwork directly onto real canvas. A time-honored practice in the fine art reproduction world, prints on canvas are perfect for everything from pet portraits to pop art and anything in between. Stretched canvas giclee provides an economical, lightweight, ready-to-hang alternative to traditionally framed art and photography without sacrificing any of the quality.

Canvas Giclee Printing Process

A canvas giclee is an archival pigment printing process on 100% acid-free canvas. The print is hand-stretched in-house around custom-cut basswood stretcher bars in the traditional gallery-wrap style, however, we do provide a print-only option if you wish to do the stretching or finishing yourself. The ready-to-hang stretched canvas giclee alleviates the need for additional framing, however, we do offer elegant floater frame options for a more finished look. Finished canvas prints are available in any custom size between 6×9″ to 57×108″.

After meticulous research and experimentation, we now offer two top-grade canvas options. Choose between Breathing Color Lyve – a traditional matte canvas that is coated post-print with a museum-grade matte varnish, and Breathing Color Silverada – a pre-coated pearlescent semi-gloss canvas with metallic fibers for ultimate iridescence and “pop.” The Lyve Matte Canvas is perfect for traditional art reproductions and photography, while the Silverada Canvas is a more stylized and bold choice for certain imagery. No matter what you want to custom print, we are always happy to provide a recommendation. Both canvas options have a bright-white base allowing for a wide color gamut and incredible density and the inherent texture of the canvases provide depth and dimension to every image.

How Are Giclee Art Prints on Canvas Made?

We make our custom art giclee canvas prints for personal and professional photographers using large-format Epson 11880 printers and Epson Ultrachrome K3 pigmented inks. In addition to our top-quality printers and inks, we offer a wide selection of canvas options whenever you want to turn your photos into a fine art canvas print.

Whether you choose from one of our Breathing Color canvas substrates or a canvas in a black floater frame, we have the equipment and canvas solutions available to help create and bring your vision to life.

When to Print on Canvas?

Custom giclee canvas wall art is ideal for when you want to create:

  • Large photos.
  • Reproductions of works of art.
  • Ready-To-Hang art and photography.
  • Archival, or long-lasting, prints.

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