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Choose from our fine art giclee printing services and our expertly curated paper selections to bring your images alive and make them last. No matter what you’re printing, we will always collaborate with you to find the best choice for your image.

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Black and white print of cactus made possible by Tribeca Printworks' fine art paper printing services.

Tribeca Printworks Fine Art Printing Services

Tribeca Artworks helps you best showcase the artwork that speaks to you by offering comprehensive and thoughtful solutions.

  • Archival pigmented inks: Preserve your print for future generations with archival-grade pigmented inks that maintain their color and intensity over time.
  • High color accuracy: Enjoy true color accuracy with our premium fine art printing.
  • Black-and-white printing capabilities: Savor the nuances and drama of black-and-white artwork with printing capabilities designed to bring out the depth.
  • Fine art reproductions: Duplicate an artistic masterpiece with precision — perfect as a thoughtful gift, branding cohesion or side hustle.
  • High-quality photographic printing: Recall a cherished moment or memory with breathtaking photographic printing that produces stunning detail.
  • Customization availability: Choose the best sizes, papers, finishes and frames to display a favorite print since our services are fully customizable.
  • No minimum order: Display one-of-a-kind work with a single print or sell your artistry to others with no minimum order requirement.

Why Partner With Tribeca Printworks for Giclee Art Paper Printing?

We’re a trusted source for giclee printing, framing and finishing expertise for artists, photographers and art enthusiasts for many reasons.

Professional Consultations

Our experts create world-class customer experiences with an unwavering commitment to personalized attention at each step. We’ll guide you with a one-on-one consultation to ensure your project is everything you imagined and more.

Centralized Location

Our SoHo location is more than a showroom. It’s also our framing studio and production space. Printing, framing and finishing under one roof allows us to meet tight deadlines. Plus, there’s no need to coordinate between multiple partners.

Fast Turnaround

We know time matters when putting your artwork on display. We offer the industry’s fastest turnaround times to prepare your prints quickly and professionally.

close up of luster photo paper

Fine Art Giclee Paper Options

Fine Art Paper for Your Giclee Print

There are various paper options for fine art giclee artwork and photography printing, including a fine art glossy or matte printed finish. A matte finish will deliver a shine-free look with distinctive textures to help bring out rich colors and black hues, while a glossy finish will make your images shine.

At Tribeca Printworks, our matte, semi-gloss and glossy finishes include:

Hahnemühle German Etching

Hahnemühle German Etching features an organic texture with slight mottling and a natural white point. This fiber-based selection creates prints with color intensity, rich tones and sharp contrasts, making it ideal for numerous reproductions, from oil paintings to illustrations. The nuanced texture also makes German Etching among the most sought-after papers for prints with exceptional detail and a dimensional appearance.

310 gsm 100% cellulose.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Bright is a 100% cotton paper with a fairly smooth texture and almost cotton-like feel. It delivers even-color gradients and reproduction, helping details pop in everything from wedding photography to fine art portraits. It has a slight relief texture that adds depth to any work. This paper boasts vivid colors, deep black and extraordinary reproduction of detail. The Photo Rag Bright White yields particularly brilliant results for high contrast and dense imagery.

310 gsm 100% cotton.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl

Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl has a smooth, slight relief texture with a soft gloss finish. It can help give depth and dimension to your image while providing a neutral white base. This makes it ideal for creating an oil painting effect or a realistic feel to documentary or fashion photography. It is a cellulose-based inkjet paper with a semi-gloss pearl finish tailored for photographic use. This bright white paper has a delicately textured surface and a smooth, silky feel. Fine Art Pearl impresses with outstanding reproduction of color and detail, deep blacks and striking contrast. Ideal for high-quality black and white as well as color photography.

285 gsm 100% cellulose.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Baryta, is a 100% cotton baryta-style paper, with a soft gloss surface that helps show detail, black density and contrast. This helps bring out the definition in everything from vintage photography to landscape images. The natural paper comes with a pleasant, warm shade of white and contains no optical brighteners. The combination of high-gloss coating and cotton provides a beautiful sheen without harsh glare.

315 gsm 100% cotton.

Epson Hot Press Bright

Epson Hot Press Bright paper is the ideal choice when smooth matte paper supporting rich detail is a must. It features 100% cotton fiber construction perfect for reproductions, color photography and digital works with dense black pigments and an expansive color gamut. Epson Hot Press Bright paper is mould-made, acid-free and pH-buffered for archival performance.

330 gsm – 17mil thickness – 100% cotton fiber-based – acid-free.

Epson Cold Press Bright

Epson Cold Press Bright paper features a subtle texture due to cold-press manufacturing techniques. The grooves fill completely with vibrant color, allowing them to stand out and create dimension in the print — perfect for digital works. Epson has optimized this 100% cotton medium for its UltraChrome inks and crafted it without lignin, chlorine or acid. The result is a fine art paper that produces intense shades of black and other colors.

340 gsm – 21mil thickness – 100% cotton fiber-based – acid-free.

Epson Luster Photo

Add a bit of shine and gloss to your everyday images with Epson Luster paper. When finished, your fine art photography prints will have a “snapshot” photograph look and feel. Our Luster Photo paper is a heavyweight photo paper, developed for maximum color gamut, dmax and image resolution. Using a cockle-free RC base that gives the product a true photographic feel and engineered to give the highest resolution and color saturation possible, Luster allows for maximum ink coverage and produces stunningly vivid images.

240 gsm – 10mil thickness – high gloss finish.

Epson Enhanced Matte

Epson Enhanced Matte is a popular, budget-friendly choice for rich, bright colors and appealing contrast. Its lightweight construction and sheen-free finish make it ideal for portfolio prints, photography and works where gloss is unnecessary. This paper also empowers high saturation with detailed shadows and highlights.

192 gsm – 10.3mil thickness.

Epson Photo Glossy

Epson Photo Glossy is a water- and smudge-resistant, smooth, resin-coated paper delivering high-gloss finishes. It’s ideal for printing and enlarging cherished photographs with an attractive sheen and high image definition.

Basis Weight: 68 lb. (252 g/m²)
Thickness: 10.4 mil
ISO Brightness: 92
Opacity: 97%
Surface Finish: High Gloss

Epson Metallic Photo Gloss

With Epson Metallic Photo Gloss paper, you can add a bit of shine and luminescence to your images. Emphasize metallic tones and add a glossy finish to help your images come to life. It has a metallic surface that makes images appear iridescent and brings an added level of sophistication and elegance to any print. Has a rated brightness of 81% and a whiteness of 95%.

257 gsm – 10.5 mil thickness – high gloss finish.

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At Tribeca Printworks, we have over 40 years of combined art industry experience and expertise. Our team can help you choose the best fine art paper for your photography needs. To get started, contact us today or order giclee printing online.

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