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What Is Giclee?

So, why giclee you may be asking? As a starting point, the word itself is pronounced “gee clay,” and while the word is French in origin, it’s use in the world of fine art printing is definitely an American construct. Loosely translated, it means “to spray.”…READ MORE

by Michael McCarty 04/14/2020

How to Hang Your Canvas Art

Do you have a canvas print you don’t know how to hang? We provide a list of essential tools and tips for hanging canvas prints like an expert….READ MORE

by Laura Gardiner 02/01/2023

Best Sizes To Print Your Canvas

One of the most important aspects of getting a canvas print is choosing the correct size. You should choose dimensions that fit your room without overpowering it. Learning about common dimensions and ratios can help you select the most fitting canvas size for your image.

by Laura Gardiner 01/31/2023

What is a Gallery-Wrapped Canvas?

Canvas prints are beautiful, affordable and versatile, which is why many artists and photographers print their images on canvas. You can choose a gallery or studio wrap print to display your art prints…..READ MORE

by Laura Gardiner 01/25/2023

How to Print Your Instagram Photos

Instagram is an excellent place to find aesthetic prints to hang around your home, office or dorm. Learning how to print Instagram photos opens numerous possibilities for decorating your surroundings. Take a look at the following steps on how to print from Instagram to savor life’s most share-worthy moments.

by Michael McCarty 03/05/2023

Mounted vs Matted Prints

If you are looking for a way to print and display artwork or a photo, you might hear or see references to mounted or matted prints and wonder what these terms mean. Read more about each option!

by Michael McCarty 01/16/2023

What Is The Best Paper For My Giclee Prints?

You’ve decided that a fine art paper print is the best choice for your image. Now the question is: What is the best paper for my fine art giclee prints? What we love about this question is that there are so many right answers!…READ MORE

by Laura Gardiner 04/15/2020

How Big Can I Print My Photos and Artwork?

So you want to print an image off of your phone, your DSLR, or *gasp* the internet! Maybe you’re trying to reproduce your original artwork? Your first question will most likely be, how big can I print this file? When faced with this question, we often respond with “how large is large for you?…READ MORE

by Laura Gardiner 04/16/2020

How Should I Frame My Photos and Artwork?

What is the best way to frame my photos and artwork? Framing your art and photography can transform a space and transform your work. The process can seem daunting and the possibilities endless, but we’re here to help simplify and shed some light…READ MORE

by Ashley Garner 04/16/2020

What Is The best Way To Print My Art and Photography?

How should I print my photos and artwork? You’ve come to the point in your artistic career where you’re ready to take it to the next level and start printing your work. Perhaps it is exporting those photos off your camera for the first time…READ MORE

by Ashley Garner 04/17/2020

What Is A Canvas Print?

A canvas giclee is a print where the image has been printed directly onto specially treated canvas material and then stretched around a wooden stretcher bar. Canvas prints can be presented by themselves or within an additional frame,…READ MORE

by Laura Gardiner 04/20/2020

What Is An Art Fair? 

An art fair is a booth-style convention show that hosts various galleries, collectives, curators, and independent artists to show artwork to local and international collectors for purchase. They typically last for 4-6 days and are held in major cities around the world…READ MORE

by Ashley Garner 04/22/2020

What Is A Metal Print? 

A “print on metal” may refer to a few different things in today’s market. It could be a paper print that has been mounted to a metal substrate, a metal sign that has been directly printed utilizing a UV curable printing process, or it could refer to a dye sublimation print on aluminum….READ MORE

by Michael McCarty 04/24/2020

What Is The Difference Between Custom And Ready-Made Picture Frames?

What makes a frame “custom?” Can’t I just buy a frame at the store? In this article we examine the difference between custom and ready-made frames to help you evaluate when each is appropriate, and help you make informed decisions!….READ MORE

by Ryan Faherty 04/27/2020

What Is An Acrylic Print?

If you’ve ever heard the term “acrylic print,” it is most likely a result of one of two possible printing processes. It can be either a UV curable direct acrylic print, or it is an acrylic face mount. In the UV curable direct printing process the image is printed right onto the acrylic, whereas an acrylic face mount is….READ MORE

by Laura Gardiner 04/29/2020

How Big can I Print My iPhone Photos?

Can I print photos I took on my iPhone?  Of course you can! Mobile photography has revolutionized the accessibility of the medium. Smartphone cameras have now far surpassed that of early point-and-shoot digital camera technology and can easily produce prints at standard snapshot sizes, however they can also go BIG!…READ MORE

by Laura Gardiner 05/05/2020

How Should I Price My Artwork? 

The most important things to consider when determining your price structure are production and labor costs, who is the intended purchasing audience of your work, and where the work is being sold. If you are selling prints as opposed to original works, you will first and foremost want to determine your production costs…..READ MORE

by Ashley Garner 05/08/2020

History of Printmaking

Printmaking is a unique art form that blends creativity and technical skill. Through the centuries, printmaking has required incredible handiwork and the ingenuity to create visually interesting and evocative artwork. Soon after the art form was invented, the importance of printmaking became realized……READ MORE

by Michael McCarty 02/04/2021circular image of michael mccarty

What Is an Archival Pigment Print?

Archival prints are museum-quality pieces that use refined particles to create beautiful, high-resolution finished artwork. As its name suggests, this method of printing creates artwork that is designed to last for a long time. Two key elements play a role in……READ MORE

by Michael McCarty 02/10/2021circular image of michael mccarty

How to Turn Personal Photos Into Works of Art

Photos no longer have to be taken from either a DSLR or high-end camera to look professional enough to print. With the advancements in mobile photography, amateur artists and photographers most likely already have a collection of high-quality personal photos……READ MORE

by Michael McCarty 02/10/2021circular image of michael mccarty

Fine Art Printing for Interior Designers

Fine art printing allows individuals to display their personal work and photos with an unmatched range of detail, depth and color. These museum-quality art prints can be used by interior designers looking to transform the look and feel of any space. Whether they’re used in a home or commercial building……READ MORE

by Michael McCarty 02/11/2021circular image of michael mccarty

Guide to Selecting the Right Fine Art Print

Much of what makes up a good fine art digital printing paper depends on the specific image being printed and the artist’s personal preference. That said, there are some specific components needed to……READ MORE

by Michael McCarty 02/11/2021circular image of michael mccarty

Photographic Prints vs. Fine Art Prints

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you know how important it is to be able to print out your artwork. When you decide to print out your art pieces, though, you’ll likely come across various options at a print lab ranging from photographic prints to fine art prints……READ MORE

by Michael McCarty 03/15/2021circular image of michael mccarty

Framing Guide for Interior Style

When redesigning a space, there are countless interior design styles you can choose from. With each space, you can cultivate an existing style or tweak and personalized it to make your own……READ MORE

by Laura Gardiner 04/15/2021laura gardiner - tribeca printworks studio manager

When Should You Choose Acrylic Photos?

While acrylic face mounts may not be the first option you think of for displaying your favorite photos, this unique photo printing method can offer some distinct benefits you can’t quite achieve with other mediums……READ MORE

circular image of michael mccarty by Michael McCarty 04/19/2021

What Is an Art Exhibition?

An art exhibition is any space where art is displayed to be viewed by an audience. Like most things in the world of art, this term can be tough to pin down because it means different things to different folks……READ MORE

 by Anne MacLeod 04/21/2021

How to Prepare for Your Art Exhibition

Displaying your art at an exhibition is one of the best ways to raise your profile as an artist and share your art with the world. These exhibits give you the chance to sell your work and build connections with……READ MORE

laura gardiner - tribeca printworks studio manager by Laura Gardiner 04/23/2021

10 Creative Ways to Display Photos in Your Home

Decorating your space is an exciting way to channel some creativity and personalize your home. When you find creative ways to frame art or new photo display ideas for your walls you can completely change a room’s look……READ MORE

laura gardiner - tribeca printworks studio manager by Laura Gardiner 04/26/2021

A Guide to Print Resolution

If you’ve ever tried to print a large picture that looked great on your screen but turned out blurry, you’re probably familiar with the concept of resolution. Though this measurement has probably caused you trouble in the past……READ MORE

circular image of michael mccarty by Michael McCarty 04/28/2021

10 Ways to Sell Your Art Online

Buying and selling art online has become increasingly popular in recent years. Whether your art is a part-time project or your main source of income, harnessing the power of the internet is the best way……READ MORE

laura gardiner - tribeca printworks studio manager by Laura Gardiner 04/30/2021

How to Print Your Photographs

Digital photography makes it easier than ever to snap a photo and send it to a friend or client through social media or as a digital file. Whether you’re an experienced photographer or just getting started, you may be new to……READ MORE

 by Anne MacLeod 05/04/2021