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What Is Giclee?

So, why giclee you may be asking? As a starting point, the word itself is pronounced “gee clay,” and while the word is French in origin, it’s use in the world of fine art printing is definitely an American construct. Loosely translated, it means “to spray.”…READ MORE

by Michael McCarty 04/14/2020

What Is The Best Paper For My Giclee Prints?

You’ve decided that a fine art paper print is the best choice for your image. Now the question is: What is the best paper for my fine art giclee prints? What we love about this question is that there are so many right answers!…READ MORE

by Laura Gardiner 04/15/2020

How Big Can I Print My Photos and Artwork?

So you want to print an image off of your phone, your DSLR, or *gasp* the internet! Maybe you’re trying to reproduce your original artwork? Your first question will most likely be, how big can I print this file? When faced with this question, we often respond with “how large is large for you?…READ MORE

by Laura Gardiner 04/16/2020

How Should I Frame My Photos and Artwork?

What is the best way to frame my photos and artwork? Framing your art and photography can transform a space and transform your work. The process can seem daunting and the possibilities endless, but we’re here to help simplify and shed some light…READ MORE

by Ashley Garner 04/16/2020

What Is The best Way To Print My Art and Photography?

How should I print my photos and artwork? You’ve come to the point in your artistic career where you’re ready to take it to the next level and start printing your work. Perhaps it is exporting those photos off your camera for the first time…READ MORE

by Ashley Garner 04/17/2020

What Is A Canvas Print?

A canvas giclee is a print where the image has been printed directly onto specially treated canvas material and then stretched around a wooden stretcher bar. Canvas prints can be presented by themselves or within an additional frame,…READ MORE

by Laura Gardiner 04/20/2020

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