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Custom Picture Frame Mats

Whether you are interested in elevating the appearance of your artwork or want to add an additional layer of protection, custom picture frame mats can help you achieve your goals. These mats are placed inside the frame of your artwork, helping preserve its beauty and longevity.

At Tribeca Printworks, we have more than 40 years of cumulative art-industry expertise and experience. No matter what kind of mats you’re looking for, we’ll help you discover the custom solutions you need. We understand the needs of both professional, semi-professional and hobbyist artists and photographers and deliver advice and mats for framing pictures based on your vision and individual needs.

What Is a Picture Frame Mat?

A picture frame mat, which is also referred to as a mat board, frame mat or photo mat, creates additional space between your photograph or artwork and the frame. It sits between the frame’s glass and your art, adding an extra layer of protection.

When a picture is matted, this extra space makes it much easier for air to circulate. When air is allowed to more freely move around, you won’t have to worry about condensation forming inside the frame, which would lead to water damage or mold or mildew growth. This extra space also protects from other risks like paint splattering on the glass or damages from items bumping into or sticking to the art.

Along with the practical benefits, a mat board can help improve the appearance and enhance the overall presentation of photographs and artwork. A picture frame mat will help draw the viewer’s focus to the focal point. Additionally, because mats come in an array of materials and colors, you can find a complementary solution that adds to the viewing experience.

Custom Mat Framing Options We Offer

2″ Mat and Frame

Our 2″ mat and frame will add additional dimension. Along with your original image size, this option will add 2″ of 4-ply acid-free archival rag matting. This means that a 16×20 print with a 2″ mat will become a ~20×24 frame.

Available in all frames.

3″ Mat and Frame

For even more dimension, choose our 3″ mat and frame option. Along with your original image size, this option will add 3″ of 4-ply acid-free archival rag matting. This means that a 16×20 print with a 3″ mat will become a ~22×26 frame.

Available in all frames.

With our 8-ply mat and frame option, you’ll choose from either 2″ or 3″ of 8-ply acid-free archival rag matting depending on your needs and style preferences. This extra dimension will be in addition to your original image size.

Available in all frames.

4-Ply vs. 8-Ply Mat

The most notable difference between a 4-ply mat board and an 8-ply mat board is the thickness. Typically, a 4-ply mat will be about 0.040″ – 0.07″, while an 8-ply mat board will be about 0.080″ – 0.14″.

When you choose Tribeca Printworks, we’ll help you understand all your mat options so you can make the best decision. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right mat for your frame:

One of the first things you’ll want to decide on is how many mats you’d like to use. For some photographs and artwork, just one mat will deliver the look and layer of protection you’re going for. Other times, you may want to add more of a three-dimensional look.

Adding double or triple layers of mats can really help you “wow” your viewers and make a statement.

The matting used for framing pictures can consist of various materials. You can also choose from different textures. For example, you could choose a metallic mat for a photograph or an acid-free mat for artwork. Keep in mind that you want your mat to complement the photograph or artwork but not detract from it.

Mat Color

Just like the type and material, consider the color you’d like your mat to be. It’s a good idea to choose a mat that’s lighter than your image but darker than the wall or backdrop you plan to display it against.

Mat Size

The size of the mat also matters. In general, choosing a mat that’s at least twice the width of the frame will help ensure professional results.

Experience Museum-Quality Picture Frame Mats

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