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Add the finishing touch to your art and photography with a handmade custom frame. Everything is built and assembled right here in our full-service Soho studio!

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Framing Your Canvas With a Floating Frame

As you shop for different framing solutions, you may come across a floating frame. While these products are relatively new, they are a popular framing option due to their ability to create a sleek, contemporary look that mimics gallery artwork. At Tribeca Printworks, we offer the opportunity to frame your art or other prints with a floating frame to help unify an existing theme and give any space a touch of elegance.

What Is a Floating Frame?

As the name suggests, floating frames give the appearance that a picture or canvas is floating within a frame. This appearance is partly due to positioning the picture edge away from the border instead of having it disappear behind the frame. Many floating frames for canvases feature a wooden frame on the outside and space between the frame and the canvas picture edge.

If you are looking for a gallery-style framing option, you can’t go wrong with a floating frame. This frame helps to provide further definition, and the gap between the artwork and the frame edge adds visual space to attract the eye. Also, most floating frames don’t place the canvas behind glass, allowing for greater texture.

Materials and Sizes

At Tribeca Printworks, we offer frames in many different materials and sizes to fit your framing needs. We can customize these products to any length or width to match your print’s dimensions. You can also choose between black and white finish options to ensure the float frame matches your existing décor.

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Types of Floating Frames We Offer

Since every piece of artwork requires different framing needs, we offer two framing options. Our team can customize each option to fit the size of your artwork and your color preferences. Our floating frame products are ideal for canvas and prints and include the following options:

  • Museum float: We frame our museum float option in shadow box moldings with a deckled edge. Our team will then raise, mount and inset each image to create a graceful floating effect.
  • Modern float: For modern float applications, we will trim and mount your image on an archival white backing. We’ll also create a 1-inch reveal between the print edge and frame to give the appearance that the canvas is floating.

Printing and Mounting a Canvas Photo

Floater frames work best with images printed on canvas. After printing your image onto a canvas, we will mount it on stretcher bars before attaching it to the floating frame. After successfully mounting the photo on the stretcher frame, we will insert it into the floater frame to complete the mounting process.

Throughout our many years in business, Tribeca Printworks has mastered the art of custom framing through our in-house process. Every frame we create in our SoHo location is a creation of one of our master artisans. Since we make each part to order, we can quickly create custom frames for all your framing needs.

Choose Tribeca Printworks for Floating Frames

Whether you want to create a gallery wall or hang a few frames at a time, using a floating frame is a beautiful way to make your favorite prints stand out in your home or office space. Tribeca Printworks offers the option for custom framing to personalize your photos and ensure your favorite images shine. Schedule a phone or in-person consultation at our location in New York City to learn more about our floating frames!

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