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Float Mount Your Artwork

No matter if you are a professional, semi-professional or hobbyist artist or photographer, there are several options for displaying your art in a frame. Whether you want to showcase a textured edge or give your fine art paper prints a more elevated and expensive feel, a floating mount can help bring your vision to life.

Depending on your style preferences and needs, we offer both museum float and modern float options here at Tribeca Printworks. With over 40 years of cumulative art-industry expertise and experience, we’ll walk you through every step of the process and help you find the best float mount frame.

What Is Float Mounting?

Just like its name suggests, float mounting is a technique used to make artwork appear as if it is “floating” on top of a mat board. While other mounting techniques involve placing the mat directly on top of artwork, float mounting raises artwork above the mat, creating a gallery effect.

To achieve this “floating” appearance, the artwork is first mounted onto a mat. Then, it’s mounted onto a mat backing to raise everything up. Nothing will be holding down the artwork. Additionally, with this method, no portion of the print or picture will be covered by either the mat or the frame.

Even when viewed from all angles, the edges of the lift won’t be visible, giving it a seamless and professional look. Viewers can take in all of the artwork’s details and unique characteristics. Because of the way it highlights the entire print or picture, this method works especially well for artwork with textured edges.

How We Float Mount Your Artwork

Here at Tribeca Printworks, we can help you add the finishing touch to your fine art paper prints. At our full-service Soho studio, we build and assemble everything by hand. We rely on precision equipment and the finest materials to help us create high-end mounts that perfectly fit your pieces.

At our framing shop, you’ll bring your artwork in, and we’ll help you bring your float mount vision to life. We have a streamlined process and offer support and guidance from start to finish. You can trust that your artwork will wow viewers and be protected for years to come.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve with your artwork, we offer two types of float methods:

Museum Float

Our museum float is framed in our Shadow Box mouldings. To further enhance the look of each print, we give it hand-torn deckled edges. Then, the print is raise-mounted and inset to complete the look.

Museum float is available in select frame styles.

Modern Float

To achieve our modern float, we’ll first trim the print to full bleed. It’s then float-mounted onto an acid-free foam core on archival white backing. Between the print edge and frame, we leave a 1″ reveal, which enhances the floating effect.

Modern float is available in select frame styles.

One of the most notable benefits of mounting your artwork is how it will enhance the overall visual appearance. Because of the way the print is matted, this method adds a great deal of depth and drama. All kinds of artwork will take on more of a three-dimensional effect since it’s raised up. A float mount allows all the details to stand out, especially whenever your print extends all the way to the edge or has some texture.

This mounting method is also versatile. It lets you display all kinds of fine art paper prints for others to enjoy. Both museum and modern mounts offer a professional appearance that creates a gallery effect against any wall.

Along with being a visual choice, mounting your artwork adds a layer of protection. A float mount will add a gap that allows air to circulate, preventing moisture from building up and causing water damage. The spacers used to create this gap also protect against things bumping into or scratching the artwork.

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