10 Creative Ways to Display Photos & Pictures in Your Home

different sized picture frames on wall

laura gardiner - tribeca printworks studio manager03/6/2024
by Laura Gardiner
Studio Manager, Tribeca Printworks

You’ve just gotten your hands on a beautiful piece of photographic art. While you’re probably ecstatic about how it will look in your home, that sentiment can be quickly thwarted by the dreaded question: How will you hang it up?

Ideally, your mounting and framing choice will perfectly match the tone and aesthetic of the art. But that ideal can lead to a lot of second-guessing yourself.

How to Display Images In Your Home

Here are 10 creative ways to display photos and paintings in your home:

1. Install a Picture Ledge

Frame your prints and place them along a shelf or ledge to create a picture ledge. Use different frame sizes and colors and overlap some of them to create even more visual interest. You can swap your pictures out at any time to keep your display fresh.

2. Get a Huge Canvas Print

Choose a large painting on canvas or get a huge custom canvas print and make it the centerpiece of your space. Canvases have their own structure, so there’s no need for a frame. 

It’s best to use a giclee printing process, which maintains the sharp image quality of your picture no matter the size.

3. Create a Gallery Wall

Transform an empty wall with a collection of prints or paintings. Mix and match, or make your images more cohesive with matching frames. Arrange your gallery however it fits best.

4. Frame Something Different

Artwork can be anything! Try framing something different, like maps, tapestries, book covers, advertisements or dried flowers to create unexpected pieces of art for your walls.

5. Use Print Hangers

Print hangers are a great way to display art prints without frames. Their sleek design creates a minimalist look and retains the refinement associated with a frame.

6. Opt for a Frameless Treatment

Consider a frameless option like an Acrylic Face Mount or print on Aluminum for a sleek, no-hassle hanging arrangement.

Metal Print hanging on wall

7. Create a Grid

Print a bunch of photos in small squares of the same size and arrange them in a grid to create a larger, more impactful display. Leave them unframed or place them in identical frames for a more dramatic look.

8. Choose Colored Matting

Most prints are matted with white or neutral mats, but colored matting can make a big impact. Choose a color that ties together the room and the print and a neutral, light-colored frame to create an eye-catching visual.

9. Display in Pairs

Choose two pieces that look like they belong together, and have them printed at the same size. Mount them in identical frames and hang them side by side for a lovely pair. To mix it up, you could stack them vertically in a narrow space.

10. String Them Up

Run strings along your walls and use clothespins to pin frameless prints in various places. To add some ambient lighting to the room, you can use string lights instead of normal strings. The clothespins make it easy to swap out photos whenever the mood strikes.

Unique Ideas to Display Multiple Pictures

The go-to for many people is to create a gallery wall (as we mentioned earlier). But that’s not the only way.

Multi-Picture Frames

Some frames are large enough to include dozens and even hundreds of pictures. The pictures will be smaller than usual, but the result is a colorful collage of your favorite images.

The catch here is that you’ll need to get a custom print to fit the size of your frame. Fortunately, experts know the best ways to print your photos at any size.

Mix and Match Frames

If you choose to do a gallery wall, have some fun with your frames! Mix some wooden materials with gold-painted or metallic material so your gallery wall is as eclectic as your tastes.

dresser with photos on top

Matching Frames

If you prefer minimalism, keeping your frames the same is probably in your best interest. Find a frame you like and use the same image dimensions to maintain a sense of classy uniformity.

What Can I Use Instead of a Picture Frame?

How you display photos in your home says as much about you as the artwork you buy. If you’re tired of old-fashioned frames, there are dozens of creative ways to display your photos and art without a frame.


Attaching a clipboard to your wall is a simple way to display and swap out art as you please. Mount the clipboard with hanging strips or other adhesive and play around with how you arrange your art.


Skirt hangers, which include clips on the bottom bar, can just as easily display your artwork. You may mount these hangers using a nail, or use the same string trick we mentioned above.


There’s nothing wrong with a simple adhesive—tape on the back of your photos is an effective way to keep art on your wall. Make sure the tape is low-tack so it won’t damage the artwork or your wall.

You may also want your tape to be a part of the decor—washi tape comes in decorative colors and patterns, which you can use to create handmade frames.

Should You Put Pictures on Every Wall?

No, you don’t need to fill every empty space with pictures. Leaving some space can be a fantastic design choice. This taps into the idea of “negative space,” a design practice that uses empty or blank space to accent the art it surrounds.

Ideas to Display Photos In Your House

If you don’t need to cover every wall with art, which ones should have art on them? Here are a few tried-and-true places to hang your art:

  • Above your bed’s headboard
  • Behind your couch
  • Along your staircase
  • Behind (or on) bookshelves
  • Above a fireplace
  • On nightstands
  • Near the front door
  • In hallways

canvas print on top of white fire place

How Do You Frame Something Without a Frame?

If your artwork came without a frame, it’s pretty simple to get one for it. Many art pieces are already sized for standard frame dimensions, like 11”x14” or 16”x20”. Custom framing is the best solution if your art is outside the conventional frame sizes.

This option will guarantee your art is appropriately displayed at the center of your frame, without wrinkles or blemishes of any kind.

Add Custom Prints and Frames to Your Space

At Tribeca Printworks, we can help make your vision a reality with large, museum-quality prints and custom framing options. We love helping customers complete projects and find creative new ways to display photos and paintings.

Order online or schedule a one-on-one consultation with our team to discuss your ideas and get a free estimate. Drop by our studio anytime to chat, or use our online contact form to set up a chat through phone or email.