What is Digital Printing

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circular image of michael mccarty10/13/2023
by Michael McCarty
Founder, Tribeca Printworks

In today’s world of advanced technology, you can print anything you want in a simple and quick way. Digital printing lets you send your favorite images, PDFs or desktop publishing files directly to the press on various materials. These physical formats showcase an incredible quality of detail and color. 

Digital Printing Technology

Printing processes have come a long way. Still used in some cases today, traditional offset printing requires aluminum plates. The thin, flat sheets of metal transfer ink to a printing surface. This technique requires a considerable amount of time to prepare, wash and change plates at each stage. 

Different types of digital printing offer a faster and more flexible solution. These printers use technology to mimic an image through digital files and print the image directly onto a material. In almost no time, the machinery can transition from one part of a job to another. The streamlined steps allow you to proceed with the finishing touches, like framing, without waiting as long for the ink to dry. 

How Digital Inkjet Printing Works

Digital inkjet printers offer a modern way to create clear, high-quality images. The machinery features several nozzles called jets. When your chosen media moves past the printhead, the nozzles spray liquid ink droplets directly onto the surface. 

Without relying on plates, this process eliminates the need for manual setup. It’s a convenient method for accomplishing prints on short notice or ahead of approaching deadlines. 

3 Benefits of Digital Inkjet Printing

Digital inkjet printing is ideal for many customers, including home decorators, artists, photographers and businesses. Whether you want to personalize a space, display your creativity or sell products, this process offers many advantages.

1. Color Matching

When you order a print, you don’t want to be surprised by the result. Instead, you want your ideas to come to life with the precise hues and shades you envisioned. To accomplish this, several important decisions and processes play a factor in color matching. 

In offset printing, people physically mix ink to create colors. With digital inkjet printers, these same color possibilities are endless. Specialized software contains instructions and formulas that allow the machinery to create the results you want.

For example, a Pantone library can provide access to over 15,000 colors. The digitized systems communicate the percentages of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) that a printer will use to achieve exact shades. Professionals can edit and adjust these values to make the digital and printed graphics match accordingly. 

2. Versatility

Versatility is a huge game-changer. Digital inkjet printers accommodate many types of materials and sizing options. The technology allows artists to express their creativity and efficiently make one-of-a-kind pieces. Using alterations to preexisting work, you can create commissions suiting a customer’s exact specifications.

Additionally, digital inkjet printing allows businesses to test their marketing campaigns. With variations, they can determine which strategies drive the most success toward their goals. They can also use the printing method to make personalized promotions and catalogs for their customer mailing list.

3. Order Volume

Digital inkjet printers can accommodate any amount of supply and demand. Want to create a single print? No problem. The machinery can create the only physical format of a design known in existence. Want to create hundreds of prints? Sounds good — the technology lets you print them identically or make adjustments as desired. 

Digital Printing vs. Offset Printing? Choose Digital

For a while, offset printing was the only option on the market. People who practice this technique need to have vast knowledge about color theory and have the skills it takes to prepare, transfer and change plates with mixed ink. With lots of time and resources involved, the costs for producing a single print or variations of one can add up.

On the other hand, digital inkjet printers print on demand. As long as you have the digital files, you can print a single design or multiple ones almost instantly. With low-volume orders, this method provides a better and more cost-friendly option for all kinds of projects. 

How Can Tribeca Printworks Help You?

When you need digital inkjet printing services, you can count on Tribeca Printworks. Our team has nearly 40 years of combined experience in the art industry. We’re known for our collaboration with clients, obsession with color and detail and lightning-fast turnarounds. 

Custom Prints

Our professionals can help you transform your favorite images. We offer many types of printing, including options on fine art giclee, canvas giclee and HD aluminum. 

Custom Framing

We also offer customized framing treatments to meet your style and specifications. 

Choose Tribeca Printworks for Your Next Project

Want to know how much our custom prints and framing solutions cost? You can use our interactive pricing tool, which gives you an estimate based on your chosen materials and inch-by-inch sizing. Feel free to contact our team for more information. 

To start a project, place your order online or visit our full-service NYC studio today!