Acrylic Face Mount

For this treatment a Glossy Metallic Photo Print is mounted face-in to the acrylic, adding dimension and vibrancy to your image. The final piece is mounted to the wall with a 3/4″ wooden French cleat creating a free floating effect, unrestrained by a frame. The standard materials used for this treatment are 1/4” clear acrylic backed by 3mm black or white Sintra. All Acrylic Face Mounts come ready-to-hang.

Acrylic Face Mount Front View
Acrylic Face Mount Front View

Acrylic Face Mounts are incredibly sharp and vibrant. The photo print is mounted face-in directly to the 1/4″ acrylic creating stunning depth and clarity.

Acrylic Face Mount Side View
Acrylic Face Mount Side Angle View

The face mounted print is then backed with 3mm (1/8″) Sintra. The PVC Sintra is naturally acid free and archival. We finish the piece with hand polished edges.

Acrylic Face Mount Rear View
Acrylic Face Mount Back View

The finished piece has a 3/4″ deep wooden French Cleat attached to the back to give the impression that the artwork is floating off the wall.