Acrylic Face Mount

See your images like never before in an Acrylic Face Mount! This alluring frameless treatment adds depth, density, and dynamic saturation to any work.

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What Is An Acrylic Face Mount?

Acrylic Face Mounting is the process of creating a high-gloss archival pigment print, applying a double-sided clear adhesive between the print and acrylic (also known as plexiglass), and backed with 3mm sintra and a wooden cleated platform for hanging. The edges of the Face Mount are diamond-polished to lock in the print and provide an exquisite shine to the finished piece. Unrivaled in brilliance and durability, this process is permanent and creates a frameless piece that “floats” off the wall. Acrylic Face Mounts were initially reserved for commercial and signage printing, but over time and with the introduction of alternative printing processes, Acrylic Face Mounts have made their way into galleries, museums and homes worldwide. 

You may wonder, why choose an Acrylic Facemount? Artists and consumers choose Acrylic Face Mounts over traditionally framed paper and canvas prints for the high-gloss and frameless effect. The look is incredibly modern and customizable with a few choice options. At Tribeca Printworks, we print on either a standard high-gloss photo paper or a metallic photo paper for added luminescence. The acrylic is also customizable with 1/4″ clear acrylic for the maximum high-gloss finish or 1/8″ non-glare acrylic for a slightly matte effect. Because the print is permanently fixed to the acrylic, it will remain perfectly preserved and safe from dust and abrasion. Due to the incredibly slick and smooth nature of both the paper and acrylic surfaces, we find that this treatment works best for crisp and clear imagery. 

An Acrylic Face Mount is the optimal choice for vibrant, high-definition photography and artwork. This treatment is available in any custom size up to 40×60″ and can be further finished with a Black or White custom-built Floater Frame. 

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1/8″ Non-Glare

Metallic Photo

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