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Add the finishing touch to your art and photography with a handmade custom frame. Everything is built and assembled right here in our full-service Soho studio!

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Shadow Box Frames

Home décor is more popular than ever thanks to hundreds of social media accounts across various platforms filled with ideas on taking any space to the next level. One of the biggest staples in any home décor is a picture frame. Using a frame can help you shape your home to look extravagant, modern, rustic or anything in between.

Of the many picture frame options, shadow boxes are among the most popular, as they allow you to display various items inside them. Shop the selection at Tribeca Printworks today to find the perfect shadow box frame for your home or office space.

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Exhibition Shadow Box

Types of Shadow Boxes We Offer

Modern shadow boxes feature a construction similar to picture frames, including glazing, matting and object mountings. At Tribeca Printworks, we offer a wide selection of frames in multiple finishes and depths to complement the items you wish to display. We can also work with you to determine which matting option would best benefit what you want to showcase.

Our exhibition shadow box option is set 1/2 inch back from the glass with an additional 2-inch margin. With this additional border, you can sign the print or give your image some visual space. Some options for our custom shadow boxes include the following:

  • Classic black shadow box
  • Classic white shadow box
  • Thin black shadow box
  • Thin white shadow box
  • Natural maple shadow box

We make all shadow boxes in-house at our SoHo location, and our artisans have access to the best equipment and materials. Throughout the process, our team only uses conservation-quality and archival-grade framing materials to ensure the items you wish to display remain in prime condition.

corner of classic black shadow photo frame

Classic Black Shadow Box

close up of classic white shadow photo frame

Classic White Shadow Box

close up of thin black photo frame

Thin Black Shadow Box

corner of thine white photo frame

Thin White Shadow Box

corner of maple shadow box photo frame

Natural Maple Shadow Box

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The Difference Between Shadow Boxes and Box Frames

Box frames and shadow boxes both aid in enhancing the appearance of picture displays. However, there are a few significant differences between these two framing options:

  • Dimensions: Box frames typically feature a specific depth and width. Shadow box frames, however, have deeper dimensions to cast a greater shadow on a particular item. The sides of a shadow box frame also slope slightly inward to create a cave effect and cast a shadow onto the piece.
  • Visual impact: All box frames create a similar effect and are excellent for displaying items in which you want to show specific details. Shadow box frames are ideal for preserving items and making them appear more dynamic.
  • Practicability: Shadow frames hang out far from the wall and are suitable for low foot traffic areas. Since box frames take up less space, they are ideal for busier home or office areas.

Pros and Cons of Shadow Box Frames

The framing options for shadow boxes exceed traditional picture frames because you can mix dimensional objects with 2D photographs or other papers to create dramatic visual effects. The depth of the shadow box also enables you to layer artwork and paper items at different heights to make dynamic arrangements within the frame.

There are no restrictions to the display options within a shadow box. We offer a wide selection of depths and sizes to accommodate objects of any size. Whether you wish to mount a single item as a statement piece or combine multiple items to create a display theme, using shadow box framing adds distinction to any presentation.

However, it’s essential to note that shadow boxes can take up a significant amount of space. Due to their design, the deeper shadow boxes can protrude from the wall quite a bit, and may appear bulky in some décor situations. If you are trying to decorate a smaller space, such as an apartment or a smaller office, you may wish to choose a smaller shadow box or a flatter framing option.

Choose Tribeca Printworks for Shadow Box Frames

If you want to display artwork, shadow box picture frames are a great way to ensure your most precious items remain safe while enhancing any room. At Tribeca Printworks, our team will work with you throughout the framing process to ensure your custom frame meets your exact requirements. We invite you to schedule a phone or in-person consultation for a free quote!

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