laura gardiner - tribeca printworks studio manager02/01/2024
by Laura Gardiner
Studio Manager, Tribeca Printworks

Taking a thoughtful approach to framing your fine art giclee print will allow you to select the option that complements your work and creates the most stunning presentation possible. 

Custom framing services are often the best solution for giclee prints. The right frame size, style and matting will completely transform how you present your artistry to the world. At Tribeca Printworks, we will help you choose the right custom, handmade frame for every image with our vast selection of treatment options.

We break down what to consider when framing your giclee print so you can determine the best solution for your unique artwork.

Choosing the Right Frame Size

When choosing the best frame size for your photographs or artwork, you will want to keep two key factors in mind: the print’s dimensions and matting. 

The frame size will directly impact how your print appears and whether it looks aesthetically pleasing and balanced. Working with framing professionals will help ensure your frame complements and enhances the print.

At Tribeca Printworks, we make finding the perfect frame size for your artwork easy. Since we hand-make each frame to suit your print’s unique dimensions, we can craft one for any print size you have.


Matting plays an essential role in elevating your artwork and creating visual distance between your imagery and the frame. The color you choose will majorly influence the aesthetics and balance of your print. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to avoid using a predominant color from your print. Instead, choose an accent color, or go with a classic shade of white.

We offer various mat options made from different textures and materials. These include:

  • Paper mat board
  • Alpha cellulose mat board
  • 100% cotton rag matting

Frame Style

When framing a giclee print, you will want to choose a style that suits your artwork and enhances its presentation. Some of the leading frame styles for fine art available from Tribeca Printworks include the following:

  • Museum float: Add depth and visual interest to your prints with our shadow box mouldings that create a floating effect.
  • Gallery mount: Draw eyes to the center of your frame with your print mounted to archival backing board and layered on 8-ply museum matting.
  • Modern float: Create a sleek finish with 1 inch of matting between your print and the frame to create the illusion that your image is floating.

Enhance the Piece

Framing can have a powerful impact on your artwork. Choosing the wrong option can take away from your print’s overall beauty. Thankfully, when you partner with the team at Tribeca Printworks, you get a custom frame designed specifically to enhance your piece. 

The frame you select will alter the visual impact of your painting or photograph. When working with fine art giclee prints, you will likely want the highest-quality framing materials and finishes you can find to elevate the value and ultimately flatter your work. 

Why Should You Choose Tribeca Printworks?

When you need museum-quality custom picture frames, turn to the professionals at Tribeca Printworks. We have more than four decades of combined art industry experience, and our team will partner with you one-on-one to find the perfect handcrafted frames for your prints.

We offer an extensive range of custom framing treatment options that will complement your art and unique space. We can easily craft frames to suit the dimensions you need

Are you ready to get started with giclee print framing services from Tribeca Printworks? Place your order online or contact us to learn more today!