How to Turn Photos into Large or Small Wall Art

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by Michael McCarty
Founder, Tribeca Printworks

Photos no longer have to be taken from either a DSLR or high-end camera to look professional enough to print. With the advancements in mobile photography, amateur artists and photographers most likely already have a collection of high-quality personal photos on their camera roll suitable for both printing and displaying.

With the help of a printing studio, you can easily transform your smartphone pictures into stunning canvas prints that you can decorate with and display in your home or office. Along with using your photos as wall decor in your own personal space, another advantage of making art out of your photos is that you can use them as a unique gift for friends and family members.

Choosing the Best Printing Options Based Your Photos

Depending on the specific types of photos on your smartphone, some printing methods work best for bringing out the detail and colors in your artwork. Before you get started, make sure that you’ve cropped and edited anything you don’t want in your finished wall art and that you’ve saved your image in the highest resolution possible.

Then, depending on the type of image you want to print, choose your preferred printing option. Here are a few popular printing methods and the types of photos that look the best on each.

Fine Art Print

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Fine art giclee prints offer the option of printing on a wide variety of archival fine art papers from textured watercolor papers to high gloss metallic finishes.

Canvas Giclee

Canvas giclee prints are made by printing an image onto a canvas and then hand stretching it onto a custom-cut frame. Because it’s made using large format inkjet-based Epson printers, the finished image is extremely detailed and has the appearance of an acrylic or oil painting on stretched canvas.

Canvas giclee prints are ideal for everything from family photos and pet portraits to vibrant pop art. With a variety of premium papers to choose from and size options ranging from 6 inches by 9 inches to 57 inches by 108 inches, you’ll be able to enjoy wall decor personalized exactly to your needs. This versatile printing option is economical, making it perfect for amateur photographers who want to create a statement in their space.

Acrylic Face Mount

Acrylic face mounts are made by taking a print and adhering it in between an acrylic and backing substrate. This process creates artwork that is very defined and vibrant. Because acrylic face mounts create a modern illusion of a floating image on glass, this method works well for any colorful photos you have on your

camera roll. It’s also ideal for dramatic black and white shots of cityscapes since it will bring out the dimension of the image.

There are various options available for you to personalize a durable acrylic face mount print. You’ll have the opportunity to choose the type of print, acrylic, backing substrate and hanging hardware.

HD Aluminum

HD aluminum prints are made through a cutting-edge dye-sublimation process. The image, which is printed on a transfer paper with archival pigment inks, is permanently affixed onto the aluminum. The result is brilliant, fade-resistant artwork that will last for years to come.

Because there are four different types of finishes — white gloss, white matte, silver gloss and silver matte — this printing method is ideal for delivering high-resolution prints of nature. So, whether you have photos of the beach or snow, you can count on HD aluminum prints to deliver high resolution and in-depth detail.aerial view of new york city

Where Can I Make Prints of My Artwork?

Here at Tribeca Printworks, we have over 40 years of professional digital printing and art industry experience. Our fine art print company is made up of a talented team of fellow artists and photographers who will work alongside you to help you reach your goals.

We are passionate about simplifying the printing process for you while still offering a wide range of options. We’ll make sure you understand all of your treatment, size, paper and frame options before you make your final decision.

You can either print your on-demand wall art right from your computer or stop by our state-of-the-art print studio. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll be able to take advantage of our start-to-finish consultation, competitive prices, fast turnaround time and personalized shipping services.

We Can Help You Turn Your Photos Into Framed Art

Whether you are interested in creating wall decor featuring your favorite furry friend or your latest European travels, here at Tribeca Printworks, we can help you create high-quality canvas prints from your personal photos. We’ll help transform your vision into a reality through our personalized one-on-one approach.

If you’d like to get started, we can provide you with a free quote. Just fill out our online contact form and schedule your phone, email or in-person consultation today.