laura gardiner - tribeca printworks studio manager04/15/2021
by Laura Gardiner
Studio Manager, Tribeca Printworks

Framing Guide for Interior Style

When redesigning a space, there are countless interior design styles you can choose from. With each space, you can cultivate an existing style or tweak and personalize it to make it your own. Framed photos and artwork are the perfect way to add your own touches to a style. Choose custom frames that complement your interior designs, or mix it up with something totally different.

Here are some of our favorite interior design styles to help you start planning your next project:


To create a modern-style space, you’ll want to stick with clean lines, neutral colors and simple design elements. The modern design scheme feels light and practical, with open spaces and lots of natural light.

Modern picture frames should be sleek, with clean lines and simple shapes. Stick with neutral tones like black and white to complement the modernist color palette.

Mid-Century Modern

This design scheme pulls retro inspiration from ’60s interior design, including sleek geometric shapes, bold colors, natural materials and a few more dramatic features. Choose mid-century modern frames in black or wood tones with thick, clean edges to create dramatic impressions.


Traditional design is characterized by elegant and classic elements, florals, textures and loads of rich wood materials like cherry and walnut. Each room’s design tends to center around a focal point, like a fireplace or large piece of artwork. Traditional styles of picture frames typically feature wood tones and a sloped design that directs your eye to the picture or artwork within.

Farmhouse/Shabby Chic

These two similar styles feature a mix of clean lines and worn, vintage materials. They usually favor soft, neutral colors with bold accents and feminine palettes, though modern farmhouse style leans more toward black and white motifs.

The ideal frame for a shabby chic or farmhouse space is white or gray, with either a weathered finish or sleek clean lines.


Industrial design showcases elements that others hide, like exposed brick, steel beams and ductwork. This style combines wood and metal materials to create raw, bold compositions.

Weathered wood or natural black picture frames are ideal to complement an industrial aesthetic.


Minimalism is the idea that less is more, and minimalistic design embraces this concept. Minimalist spaces feature clean lines, neutral tones and concise color palettes. Every element in a minimalist design is important, so your picture frame should be thin with flat facades and neutral colors like white or black.

Get Custom Frames to Fit Your Style

At Tribeca Printworks, we can help you customize the perfect picture frame for your interior design. Whichever style you choose, our team is passionate about working with you to print your photographs or artwork and create a frame that will perfectly complement any space.

Choose from our wide selection of frame colors and finishes to find a style that speaks to you. To purchase your frames, you can order online or get in touch with our team. We can schedule a free consultation in person to discuss your preferences and give you a free estimate for your prints and frames.