The Best Canvas Print Styles and Designs

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laura gardiner - tribeca printworks studio manager05/04/2023
by Laura Gardiner
Studio Manager, Tribeca Printworks

Canvas prints can transform photos and digital art into stunning pieces for displaying in a home or selling to clients. When selecting canvas prints, you may see the many options available and wonder which is better for your needs. Knowing the best canvas print options and learning how to use them in decor can help you create the ideal space.

Top 5 Canvas Print Styles

When printing art or a picture on canvas, you have several options for print styles and framing to complement the piece.

Classic Print

One simple yet striking option is a classic stretched canvas. You can create these canvas prints from photos or artwork, and they will have the image printed on the front with solid-colored edges around the frame.

The colored edges can be plain canvas (white), or black or you can choose the edge colors to blend with the current background of the piece. When purchasing a  canvas print, you have different material options that can give you a more matte or iridescent look to suit your preferences.

Mirrored Edge

This canvas printing option involves mirrored borders copying sections of the original image. This style leaves the whole image visible from the front of the canvas while creating a flowing effect that works well for displaying artistic photography or landscapes.

Floating Frames

While this option refers to framing rather than a printing style, it’s worth mentioning for the visual effect it yields. Floating frames give the appearance that a canvas is floating by adding separation between the print and frame. The two most common framing options are black and white.


Panoramic canvases are large, wide prints displaying an expansive landscape or a group photo. People may display panoramic images using one large canvas or split a picture into two or three separate canvases to give it a unique look.


Collage prints place several images on a single canvas. The art is usually displayed in a particular way, like with a large central image and smaller images around the border. While it is a convenient way to display multiple photos or art pieces, it has disadvantages like fewer arrangement options and the inability to switch out a single image within the arrangement.

Small Canvas Prints vs. Large Canvas Prints

Besides style, another way to distinguish prints on canvas is their size. Two size options are available to choose from:

  • Small: Canvases ranging from 8 x 8 inches to 18 x 24 inches
  • Large: Prints up to 60 x 60 inches

Choosing to print on canvas is an excellent way to display both high-end artwork and family or vacation pictures. Smaller prints work well for areas like a bedroom or office. With a small print, you can create an eye-catching display without overwhelming a tight space.

Large prints make a distinct statement within a home. Homeowners often use them in living rooms or entryways. They also work well for business lobbies or art displays. These prints often feature detailed images or stunning displays of color.

If you’re unsure which size will fit your space best, you can experiment by outlining pictures on the wall with painter’s tape to provide a visual idea. You can also follow general rules like that wall art should fill 60% to 70% of available wall space and be between 2/3 and 3/4 the width of furniture like couches or a fireplace.

Decorating Your Home With Custom Canvas Prints

Once you know your options for printing and framing styles, you can consider the space you plan to decorate. Wall art can complete a room and add an extra pop of color or style the area has been missing. Here are a few tips for decorating using artwork or photos on canvas.

Match Existing Decor

When adding a canvas print to a space, you can use your existing design as inspiration. Consider the colors of your walls and furniture to decide what will best complement the room. Choose a photo or art print featuring complimentary colors or different shades of colors already displayed in the area.

Decorate According to Your Taste

While plenty of advice exists for home decor, you spend more time in your home than anyone else, so your personal preferences should shine through. Create an inviting space where you enjoy spending time. When choosing prints, you may select family photo canvas prints for a more personal look or an abstract image to create a more artistic and sophisticated feel.

Choose Based on Function

Beyond being a fun place to display art and photos, your home serves a function. Each canvas print you choose should reflect that. For example, a bathroom often has moisture and dust that collect on surfaces. You can keep a canvas safer from these conditions by choosing a floating frame to protect the sides.

Other rooms in the house have different considerations, like a primary bedroom with a large amount of wall space. A large, mirrored-edge panoramic print might create an interesting focal point in this room type. A hallway offers the opportunity to display many smaller pieces in a gallery formation.

Play Around With Positioning

Once you choose a canvas size and type, you can experiment with various configurations to see which style works best for the space. Here are a few options for positioning your prints:

  • Prop on shelves: Draw the eyes to horizontal lines within a home by displaying art on bookshelves, mantles or other flat surfaces.
  • Hang on walls: Art prints on the wall create clean, ordered lines and connect a room’s top and bottom portions for a complete look.
  • Display on the floor: Large canvases can create a focal point when placed on the floor and often make rooms appear larger.
  • Vary sizes and configurations: Create a gallery wall with various size prints or choose multiples of the same size to create an ordered grid pattern.

Choose Tribeca Printworks for Canvas Prints

The size and style you pick to put your pictures on canvas can significantly affect a room’s appearance. Tribeca Printworks offers custom printing and framing with a personalized studio experience. With us, you get a high-quality canvas giclee print and assistance to help you choose art that best enhances your space.

We provide in-person and online orders for canvas prints. Get started with your design project today with a free quote and consultation from Tribeca Printworks.