Your Guide To Printing NFTs

Updated: 04/22/2024
by Laura Gardiner
Studio Manager, Tribeca Printworks

Our society is moving at an unprecedented pace, and the art world is evolving. New developments in the industry have created a buzzword called NFT. This digital art phenomenon is shaking up the rules, especially among art collectors.

After purchasing an NFT digital art piece, you may wonder: Can you print an NFT? The short answer is: If you’re the owner, you likely can. In this article, you’ll learn how it works. 

What Is an NFT Print?

While you may have heard about NFTs in passing or even read articles, their definition can be a bit difficult to wrap your head around. NFT stands for non-fungible token. If a piece of art or another item is “fungible,” that means it’s replaceable. Using Bitcoin as an example, you could trade one coin for another since it is a fungible currency. 

If an item is non-fungible, it has an innate value that makes it impossible to replace. There can’t be any equal exchange. For collectors, this makes non-fungible items extremely desirable and valuable.

An NFT is a digital item held in blockchains, a decentralized lender of transactions duplicated and distributed across technical channels. Specifically, these transactions happen across peer-to-peer networks through a token-based currency. That’s because it has to be difficult or even impossible to cheat the system to protect an NFT’s innate value. 

Recording who owns an NFT at any given point is essential to the process, hence the restriction to internal network transactions.

Can an NFT Be Copied?

Of course, you can copy a digital file as often as you’d like, including the art within an NFT. Still, the point of purchasing an NFT is to have something that you can’t copy, and that is ownership of the work

The original artist retains copyright and reproduction rights, but once you purchase an NFT, you own it. 

Are NFT Artworks Copyrighted?

They are. The original artist of the piece will have copyright and reproduction rights, but they don’t retain ownership once they sell it.

What is Generative NFT Art?

While the digital art space has opened up many opportunities for artists to experiment with different mediums, it can take a little of the magic out of the process. If you’re interested in creating generative NFT art, you may still have a desire to turn your digital creations into something analog. 

Generative NFTs are generative art. They’re made by running a code after an artist creates a set of images and rules for the code. They’re created using a smart contract and then stored on the blockchain.

Where Can I Purchase Generative NFT Art?

If you’re more interested in getting your hands on generative NFT art than creating it yourself, you can find unique pieces on the blockchain. Sites like Art Blocks and OpenSea have a variety of stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces for purchase. Sotheby’s has created a Metaverse marketplace for NFT and crypto art focusing on culturally significant artworks in this new art movement. Their semi-annual Natively Digital auction series has featured the most prominent names in this space. Tribeca Printworks was proud to collaborate with Dmitri Cherniak to print and frame his The difference between the subtleties and the subtle ties, which was the top seller at Natively Digital 1.3.

Dmitri Cherniak, “The difference between the subtleties and the subtle ties

Signed giclée print, framed: 54 by 54 in. 

Printed on 100% cotton hot press paper, float-mounted and framed in 1.5”x2” Weathered Walnut frame, with Optium™  Museum Acrylic

Executed in 2022.

How Do You Print Generative NFT Art?

After creating or purchasing your generative NFT art, you can turn it into a physical print to enjoy in your space daily. Having a tangible piece makes the prospect of owning such unique and individual pieces more appealing. The exciting thing about generative NFT art versus standard NFTs is that the final output is unknown, adding in an additional mystery element. 

To print your generative NFT art, you must have either created or purchased the original piece. Then, find a trusted printing service and upload your artwork (more on that below).

How Do I Display My NFT Collection?

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or on your way to becoming a collector, you’ll want to display your NFT collection. To do that, you’ll need a digital wallet to store and show them off.

The digital wallet itself doesn’t hold the NFT digital files. Instead, it contains “private keys,” which are digital passwords leading to your collection on the blockchain. You can display your art on specific NFT marketplaces online, which can be a great way to show off your growing collection.

However, many people love and appreciate the experience of printing their unique pieces. NFTs are no exception. After all, the joy of purchasing the artwork is that they’re entirely original, and you’re their sole owner. Printing them allows you to enjoy their presence in your space daily. Many people wonder about the NFT printing process due to the rules of ownership and the one-of-a-kind nature of these pieces, but we’re here to walk you through it.

How Do I Get an NFT Printed?

It all comes down to understanding who owns the license to the NFT. The original artist has sole ownership of the piece unless they’ve transferred those rights to a new owner. To obtain full rights to an NFT (i.e., to sell physical prints of the work), you need permission from the creator. However, purchasing the license to an NFT typically means it’s not a problem to obtain a physical print for yourself.

There is one gray area in this answer: If the original artist doesn’t want prints of their piece made, they can refuse to give printing rights to the new owner. Their refusal is the only case where you wouldn’t be able to print your NFT.

3 Steps to Printing Your NFT

To print such a unique piece of art, you’ll want to go with a trusted company that can ensure the best quality and experience. Tribeca Printworks specializes in fine art giclee printing services. Fine art giclee printing is the practice of printing on museum-quality, archival mediums with archival pigment inks on high-resolution digital inkjet printers. To fully experience the physical prints of your NFT artwork, choose Tribeca Printworks.

Follow these easy steps to get started:

Step 1: Navigate to your digital wallet and obtain the corresponding image file to your NFT artwork.

Step 2: Determine the resolution of the work before you decide on the physical print size (a smaller resolution will restrict you to a smaller printing size to retain quality).

Step 3: Now for the easy part. Simply upload your image file, choose your print size, and select a custom frame for your artwork.

The price of your newly printed NFT will depend on the size, paper quality, and framing options selected. Tribeca Printworks offers the following printing options for your selection:

  • Fine art giclee: This method provides an unmatched range of color, depth, and detail using high-quality printers, inks, and paper.
  • Canvas giclee: While this method is similar to the first, it uses a technique to get your artwork printed directly onto a canvas for a lightweight, traditional option.
  • Acrylic face mount: This alluring frameless treatment yields a durable result, adding depth, density, and dynamic saturation to any work.
  • HD aluminum: Our high-resolution metal prints give your piece incredible vibrance, color, and resolution.

Can You Sell Physical Prints of an NFT?

Yes, you can sell physical prints of an NFT if you’re the original artist (and haven’t sold or given away the rights), or you’re the owner and have permission from the original artist.

Hold Unique Artwork in Your Hands With Tribeca Printworks

While the digital nature of NFTs is part of their allure, printed artwork creates a special feeling. The desire to immerse yourself in your space, surrounded by inspiring works, is something art collectors understand all too well. Tribeca Printworks is committed to using the highest quality materials to bring you depth, vibrancy, and resolution. Our NFT printing services are unmatched.

Learn more about how we can help bring your artwork to life. You can get started by uploading a piece today!

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