Photo-to-Canvas Printing

circular image of michael mccarty01/28/2024
by Michael McCarty
Founder, Tribeca Printworks

Whether you’re a professional shooting with the latest equipment, a parent documenting milestones with their phone or a travel enthusiast using something in between, you know when you’ve captured something special.

Add a personal touch to your decor with a photo-to-canvas print that transforms cherished images into art. Giclee canvas printing makes it possible and cost-effective to achieve, with high-quality results and archival pigments ready to be treasured for years.

A canvas giclee printing partner can easily turn your visions into a reality through a customizable DIY process and expert design support.

Selecting the Right Photo

Only some images are ideal for turning your photo into a canvas print. Start by choosing a high-resolution picture to help preserve image quality when enlarging.

A second consideration is selecting an image with the right composition and lighting. While many smartphones offer high-megapixel cameras, photos shot in low-light atmospheres generally still contain more digital grain than images taken with sufficient lighting. These pictures, when enlarged, may have more “noise” to distract the eye.

Exploring free photo editing tools online may help you locate one that can enhance or refine your chosen image. A professional in photo-to-canvas printing can also provide expert advice for the best possible results.

Assessing Canvas Printing Options

You’ll have several options to choose from for your giclee canvas printing. At Tribeca Printworks, we proudly offer stretched Exhibition Matte Canvas (by Epson) and Silverada canvases. Exhibition Matte Canvas feature an acid free, lignin-free heavyweight cotton-poly blend, with a matte non-reflective surface. Silverada produces a soft glow with a semi-gloss sheen and a wide color gamut.

While canvas giclee prints come ready to hang, framing options are available to further customize your artwork. Black or white floater frames create a statement against their backdrops while offering a pleasing visual effect.

Customizing Your Canvas Print

The edge options you choose when you convert your photo to canvas will influence its final appearance.

Traditional gallery wrap edges completely enclose the heavier wood stretcher frame beneath. This option typically extends the margins of your image across the boundaries for an uninterrupted feel.

Mirrored borders are also a popular choice. With this alternative, your printer reverses the outer boundaries of your photo and prints them on the edges. The result is a reflection of your image without cropping, which is ideal for still life, landscapes and artistic work.

Plain white and colored borders are available as well. These options provide a crisp, clean contrast against your image, filling the canvas’s front surface entirely.

Preparing Your Photo for Printing

Refining your photo before uploading helps you achieve the results you envision.

Editing Your Image

Photo editing tools are perfect for cropping and resizing an image. Use them to zoom in on a focal point and position it precisely in the frame. These solutions also allow you to adjust the colors for warm or cool tones, add more saturation and modify the sharpness and contrast.

Converting to Black and White or Sepia Tones

Sometimes, converting an image to black and white or sepia creates an entirely different emotional appeal.

Opting for black and white allows you to adjust your photo’s shadows and highlights. Evoke a sense of mystery and drama that pops against your walls, or inspire an ethereal feel. Similarly, choosing sepia tones can add a touch of warmth and produce a timeless vintage look.

Experiment with your photo editing settings to see what you can achieve — just remember to save an original of your work before altering it.

Removing Unwanted Elements or Imperfections

Modern photo editing tools often feature intelligent solutions for removing unwanted elements or fixing imperfections. These functions allow you to eliminate distracting background actors or blemishes that take the focus off the moment you’ve captured.

Uploading Your Image

Once you’ve fine-tuned your image, upload it to your chosen photo-to-canvas printer and finalize your style choices.

How Tribeca Printworks Can Help You

Tribeca Printworks is ready to help you convert your photo to a canvas printing with our fully customizable, turnkey solutions. We’re an experienced partner for professionals, aspiring shutterbugs and amateur photographers alike with an easy-to-navigate process:

  1. Upload your chosen image.
  2. Select your canvas print size.
  3. Choose edge and framing options.
  4. Specify delivery or local pickup.

Would you like advice or design support? Our experts are available for a free phone, email or in-person consultation at our SoHo studio and workshop.

Order online today, or contact a team member to request a consultation. You can also get personalized service by calling us at 212-966-1976.