The Best Frame for a Black and White Photo

black and white photo of man walking down street

laura gardiner - tribeca printworks studio manager08/01/2023
by Laura Gardiner
Studio Manager, Tribeca Printworks

The first black and white photographs dated back to 1820 and continued until the 1970s due to technological limitations. Today — even with advanced technology at the tips of our fingers — we seek the aesthetic simplicity of early photographs, taking color photos and filtering them in black and white.

Tribeca Printworks can help you find the best frame to display your black and white photographs as you decorate your living room, bedroom or bathroom.

Framing Ideas for Black and White Photos

In traditional color prints, the picture is the statement, but with black and white framing, the focus can be slightly different. Here are some recommended framing options for your black and white photos.

Keep It Simple

Displaying a black and white photo in a simple frame creates a timeless look that allows the image to shine. Choose from a black, silver or white frame with a white or off-white mat for a classic look. You can even look around your current decor and use a natural wood frame that matches other areas in your space — such as the hardwood floors or wooden wall trim.

Tie in a Pop of Color

Offset your black and white photo with a vibrant color that matches your room’s decor. This creates an eye-catching piece that can tie in with other statement pieces or color schemes.

Add a pop of color to the surrounding frame or the mat. For example, if your living room’s primary color is blue, setting your black and white photo against a blue mat background will keep the room uniform and colorful.

Make It Float

For a unique way to bring your favorite photos off the wall, use a float-mount framing treatment. Floated-print frames strategically space your print from the frame edge to create a floating effect. These frames sit roughly 2” from the wall and the print floats within, creating optimal dimension and definition.

Black and White Canvas Prints

Printing your black and white pictures onto canvas is another idea for a unique display. This print type stretches your black and white print across the canvas surface for a simple, sleek look. Like frames, canvas prints come in various sizes to fit any space.

Canvas prints can also come with a floating frame for a further finished look. Like floating prints, a stretched canvas in a white or black matte floater frame adds dimensions to any wall art.

How Can Tribeca Printworks Help You?

Tribeca Printworks is a professional printing company that provides custom art and photo printing and framing in New York City. Our team is happy to help you find the right display for your black and white photos from our series of options.

Printing Services

You can order our high-quality prints either online or in our store. Every order is customizable — see your work on various materials, including brushed aluminum, canvas and paper. Specifically, we offer:

  • Fine art giclee: Our fine art giclee process expands your artwork to museum-style quality prints, from 4×6 inches to 64×120 inches. Choose from several matte and glossy paper options to add texture or a smooth finish.
  • Canvas gicleeCanvas prints are a classy and timeless option for black and white photographs. Choose from several sizes and layouts to make your print match your artistic vision.
  • HD aluminum: Our HD aluminum metal prints create a sleek piece of art that will last for years. Four finishes are available for this option — white gloss, white matte, silver gloss and silver matte.

Custom Black and White Framing Services

Your black and white photos will steal the show with an elegant frame. Tribeca Printworks also provides custom framing options for our fine art and canvas giclee prints. All our frames are handmade here in SoHo so that we can work with you on odd sizes and tight deadlines. Choose from numerous contemporary, natural, weathered, classic, shadow box or black floater frames for your one-of-a-kind piece.

Choose Tribeca Printworks Today

The team at Tribeca Printworks is happy to help wherever and whenever we can as you design your black and white photos for your space. Contact us to request a phone or in-person consultation today!